A Portrait of Jen Random

Based on decades of research, the following is an (humorous) attempt at defining a standard Jen - Jen Random. It has a lot of flaws, and because of the sample group, is probably wildly innacurate, especially as far as careers go.

Jen Random was christened Jennifer but shortens it to Jen or Jenny for daily use. Distant older members of the family still call her Jennifer, much to her annoyance, but her mother, grandmothers and aunts call her Jenny (her mother sometimes calls her Jen), unless they are arguing, or Jen is being told off for something. Whenever she's in the supermarket and hears a woman with a misbehaving child, calling out "Jennifer!" in that short, sharp manner, the tone of voice makes Jen feel a small twinge of subconcious guilt, as if it was her misbehaving.

When she was younger she hated her name, but has grown to love, or at least accept, it.

Jen Random shares her living space with at least one cat, and optional human partner. She is outwardly very indepently-minded, but needs to know that her partner and/or circle of friends is there for her if needed.

Jen Random is a brunette who would like to be more auburn or Titian.

Unlike many of her female contemporaries, Jen Random displays equal (or better) aptitude for the sciences as the arts, and works in (or studies) computers or one of the physical sciences, although more often in software/web design, or theoretical science than hardware. Jen Random has a tendency to procrastinate over projects, partly because she is something of a perfectionist who prefers to produce quality work slightly late than mediocre work early (or at least that's what she tells her boss).

To feed her artistic side, Jen Random paints, writes, takes non-scientific further education courses, or plays a musical instrument in her spare time. Jen Random reads a lot, both fiction and non-fiction, and makes frequent use of her local library. She may very well combine her scientific mindset with her love of knowledge and work in the library, either professionally or as a volunteer assistant.

Jen Random owns several items of plaid clothing.

Jen Random is sensitive to animal welfare issues and vegetarian concerns, but is not a vegetarian herself, although she consciously eats little red meat. If she's cooking for herself she tries to eat sensibly, but is happiest with a take-out pizza and a can of cola. Jen Random loves ice cream, and has a very definite favourite flavour (and a very definite least-favourite).

Jen Random has a practical view of the world, and good business or financial acumen but also has a strong romantic/idealistic streak. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, and is given to bouts of depression or short temper if she feels that her opinions are being ignored. Jen is not pretentious enough to think she is always right(1), but hates being overlooked. She has a tendency to wisecrack. Jen can be somewhat flirty.

(1)Bear in mind though that "Jennifer is always right, especially when she isn't." (Lamont's Rules of Jen, rule #12)

The Jencyclopaedia is copyright ©1996-present Simon Lamont.